New study shows Las Vegas lags other countries in technology and cybersecurity; Las Vegas-based Redpanda Systems publishes business technology survey findings

Red Panda Science and Technology Survey
Las Vegas-based information technology (IT) company RedPanda Systems released a research report investigating So. Nevada

Las Vegas, NV (November 7, 2022) Las Vegas-based information technology (IT) company RedPanda Systems today released a research report that examines current trends, attitudes and behaviors in the use of technology within the enterprise. Nevada and nationwide. The study analyzes current attitudes towards internal technology capabilities, cybersecurity efforts, technology budgets, and more. Click here to download the full study results.

In the report’s related findings, RedPanda learned this.

  • so. Nevada lags far behind the rest of the nation when it comes to cybersecurity investment. Most Las Vegas businesses say they spend only 40 percent of their annual IT budget on cybersecurity. By contrast, most businesses across the country say they spend more than 60 percent of their annual IT budgets on cybersecurity.
  • When it comes to being well prepared for cyberattacks such as phishing, malware and social engineering, Las Vegas professionals overall say they are significantly less confident than the rest of the country.
  • Almost half of Las Vegas business professionals feel they need to upgrade their work computers and other technology “urgently.” Nationally, only about 20% of business professionals feel the same way about their technology, indicating a severe lack of technology infrastructure in So. Nevada business.

To sum up, the most pressing finding of the study is that business professionals in Las Vegas perceive the importance of IT or technology differently than in the rest of the country. For example, when asked to allocate a hypothetical budget to their company, technology was the lowest priority among other common budget allocations, and when asked which corporate sector was most important to overall business growth, none of the Las Vegas business professionals Choose IT (both are surprisingly lower than the national business audience).

“Compared to other markets like ours with significant economic growth, Las Vegas is completely unprepared technologically,” said David Shultis, CISSP/MBA, co-owner of RedPanda Systems. “If so. As Nevada continues to be a hotspot for new businesses and residents, our enterprise technology must keep pace with or outpace the rest of the country, or we will fall victim to the same cyber threats the rest of the country is ready for. “

RedPanda is publishing these findings to shed light on the importance of building a stronger technology infrastructure in So. Nevada business. Some of the key points the company hopes to convey include:

  • Sun since 2019. Nevada’s population grew by more than 8 percent to 3.1 million and is projected to continue to grow to 4.5 million by 2060.
  • Over 7,500 new businesses have opened or relocated to So. Between 2011 and 2019 in Nevada, the number is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next decade (according to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance).
  • Overall, cybercrime has increased by more than 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is only expected to increase in the coming years (according to ABC News).

In addition to releasing the 2022 research report, RedPanda’s team regularly works with various Las Vegas organizations to discuss the importance of IT readiness. Shultis is a frequent speaker in local business groups on growing cyber threats and solutions, and spends time with clients and colleagues advising on the future needs of powerful business technologies.

RedPanda Systems’ 2022 Las Vegas and National Business Technology Survey study interviewed 132 business professionals in So. Nevada and across the country. Respondents were top-tier employees from all walks of life, with more than 90 percent having a say in the technology implemented by their companies.

Download and read the free full report here for more insights.

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