New technology could stop pesky Airbnb parties

For Airbnb hosts who rent out their homes, the biggest concern is property damage. The biggest fear for a community where someone is renting out a home through Airbnb is loud, raucous parties.

There’s a famous place in Jackson, NJ, where a large house was rented out through Airbnb and ended up hosting a party for 700 people. Not only is it rowdy, but in 2020, Murphy’s executive order prohibits gatherings of this size. All I can say is that the police are not happy.

So what should an Airbnb host do if someone rents with the promise of no party, but the host doesn’t know it’s out of control and gets a noise complaint? There is an answer. Airbnb is offering it.

Airbnb will partner with a company called Minut to offer free sensors and a free 3-month subscription for noise and occupancy monitoring. The technology lets both host and guest know that the sound decibel exceeds a certain limit. The limit is set by the host.

The best part is that no guests can really complain about this, as the system can’t record or send voices or conversations. So there are no privacy concerns. It just tells guests if it’s too loud, whether it’s music, yelling, etc.

“Our mission with Airbnb is to support hosts in caring for their homes, guests and communities, and our partnership with Airbnb plays an important role in that mission,” said Minut CEO and co-founder Nils Mattison. expanding it with new products and integrations that make noise monitoring more accessible and efficient for landlords around the world.”

In case you’re wondering, sensors aren’t allowed in a bedroom, even if they can’t tell what kind of sound you’re going to make. All they know is that some serious bedroom decibels have occurred. if you know what I mean.

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