NTC veterinary tech program prepares future veterinarians during industry shortage

Wausau, Wisconsin (WSAW) – From hamsters to horses, students in North Central Technical College’s veterinary technology program are striving to become future caretakers of the animal world.

Students must first receive a qualifying education before they can enter the program.

“We encourage students to have a good, solid background in biology and chemistry in high school before coming to us,” said Sarah Steger, program director for NTC’s Veterinary Technology program.

The veterinary industry is currently dealing with staff shortages. “Pet owners will know that if you call your veterinarian for what we call a health appointment, you’re probably going to have a longer wait than you did two or three years ago,” said Stig.

According to Mars Veterinary Health, one of the world’s largest veterinary networks, the industry will be short of 15,000 veterinarians by 2030.

“For the people I know who are still working in the clinic, they just keep getting booked, double booked and triple booked,” Steger said. “It’s really exhausting for them.” As challenging as the program is, the ultimate rewards of helping a beloved pet are worth it.

“It’s very important to me that I bring new technology into the field,” Steger said. “It’s very exciting for all the faculty and staff to see these students coming in and being able to help them develop their enthusiasm and interest.”

The program is currently offering spots for the upcoming spring semester, which begins January 10. 23 To learn more about the program or to join, click here.

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