Port Huron’s pop-up store is turning out businesswomen from teenage girls

Port Huron, Michigan – If you haven’t been Port Huron A lot of good work has been done with downtown revitalization lately, and on the main drag you’ll find a clothing store with the dual purpose of turning teenage girls into businesswomen.

in Huron and Dahe Avenue Across the street from Sperry’s is a corner store worth visiting on a Saturday (December 3) called The Closet. It’s a storefront clothing store run by a nonprofit called A Beautiful Me.

Inside you meet Abby, 16, and Harmony, 17, who have chosen to study the business of commerce.

“I was the first person who got into making dresses,” says Harmony. “In one of our projects, we’ve started developing a business plan.”

When you buy anything at the store, it funds A Beautiful Me’s show, which engages young girls and gives them the tools they need to be the women they are.

“We sell dresses that are donated to us,” says Karen Palka. “Half of them are brand new and half are lightly used or worn once. Through the Outfitters program, we teach girls business skills, build their confidence, and teach them life skills.”

Girls are taught everything from sewing to how to register, how to build a CV, and even tackle their first TV interview at 16.

“Initially, I wanted to open a bakery to learn how to run a business,” says Abby. It feels cool to get out of the house. So it’s always good to have something to do and all things business and customer service. “

The pop-up shop, which runs from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays, is an extension, a bit like a final exam, and what the girls make with redesigned dresses and trinkets will be sold. And then they actually make money, but the money they make by showing up week after week goes way beyond the pop-up store.

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