Providers now have free access to the latest diabetes technology in one place

New Enhanced Danatech Website Includes CGM Insurance Lookup Tool

chicago, October 13th of March 2022 /PRNewswire/ — All healthcare professionals caring for people with diabetes can now access important information on the latest diabetes technology in one place through the newly revamped danatech website from the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES).

Launched in 2018, danatech has been updated and enhanced. ADCES now offers danatech free access to all healthcare professionals, from nurses trying to determine whether insurance covers a prescription for a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), to providers wanting to compare various insulin pumps, to radiologists wondering if a patient should remove the device before using an MRI. Site visitors also have access to on-device training and education, including many continuing education (CE/CME) credits. Many of these products are free.

“The number of people with diabetes is skyrocketing, and there are hardly enough specialists to treat them, and healthcare professionals in multiple practice settings are caring for people with diabetes,” said Leslie Kolb, Ph.D., MBA. Chief Science, Practice and Learning Officer at BSN, RN, ADCES. “But many are unfamiliar with the vast array of new technologies and devices available to those who need them most. The data these technologies and devices generate enable effective care planning, and danatech helps healthcare professionals keep pace so they can communicate with Their patients self-manage their diabetes most effectively.”

This easy-to-navigate website contains information on apps and digital therapies designed to prevent, manage and/or treat diabetes, as well as the following features:

  • CGM Insurance Lookup Tool to determine if a patient’s insurance covers a CGM prescription.
  • Information on all brands of CGMs, insulin pumps and insulin/drug delivery systems.
  • Free and fee-based training and education for CE/CME on a variety of devices.
  • Three certificate programs: Putting Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) into Practice, Connecting Insulin Devices, and The Art of Telemedicine.

“While some of these resources are available elsewhere, it’s piecemeal, and danatech brings them together,” Kolb said. “For example, if a provider wanted to compare insulin pumps to determine which was best for a patient, they would have to visit each manufacturer’s website individually. Now they don’t.”

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