Saving business processes without compromising technology

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More and more organizations are looking for ways to simplify costs and reduce expenses. But how do a company do this when they still want the best technology for their company?

For insight, digital journal Chatted with Vitec to find out how IPTV can save organizations money.

What is IPTV: Internet Protocol Television

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and has traditionally represented the process of live TV broadcasting over the Internet, rather than antennas, satellite dishes and fiber optic cables.

For businesses and organizations, IPTV distribution means companies can access content via LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Theis has improved every area of ​​the business, from employee engagement to customer satisfaction.

With IPTV distribution, organizations can distribute digital channels, such as videos and interactive portals, throughout the facility.

In terms of cost savings, IPTV distribution enables companies to use their existing technology, such as video monitors and computers, without having to install a separate satellite or over-the-air signal distribution system.

In addition, the scalability of IPTV means that there are no additional costs and expenses for system expansion.

Benefits of IPTV Distribution

The goal of IPTV is to improve internal and external processes, both employee-facing and customer-facing. When distributing IPTV across an enterprise, each channel can be streamed simultaneously, no matter how many people are watching the content, thus saving bandwidth.

How are different industries utilizing IPTV distribution?

Some businesses will be able to take advantage of IPTV distribution by streaming local and international TV channels in shared spaces such as restaurants, waiting rooms or reception areas. This will entertain guests and keep them patient or keep them coming back. Organizations will be able to live-stream events across their business network, ensuring all employees have the opportunity to attend important seminars and presentations.

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