Secure payments in Asia with the latest 3-D Secure technology

Singapore- (Business Wire)–Payment service provider Omise has implemented Netcetera 3-D Secure Server to protect online payment transactions in the Asia Pacific region. Netcetera is a market leader in digital payment solutions, providing certified products for 3DS payment processing and facilitating secure and frictionless authentication so consumers can shop easily online. Omise is one of the first PSP customers to implement the EMV 3DS 2.2 protocol, enabling them to increase transaction approval rates and reduce fraud.

PSPs, merchants and acquirers need to reduce the risk of non-authenticated transactions, associated chargebacks and lost revenue, while establishing frictionless processes and improving the cardholder experience when shopping online. Finding the right balance between security and convenience is a challenge.

To successfully address this challenge, Omise decided to implement a network-certified, PCI-enabled Netcetera 3-D secure server on-premises solution. They were one of the first PSPs to implement a 3DS server using the latest protocol, EMV 3DS 2.2. Jatuporn Pinnuvat, Head of Product Innovation at Omise, said: “After a thorough evaluation and investigation of different vendors and products, we decided to go with Netcetera, a flexible, agile and independent payment product. We believe their 3DS server is the one that supports secure and convenient transactions. The most reliable and viable product. The implementation was smooth and efficient, and we saved a lot of time and effort thanks to comprehensive technical documentation, educational webinars and professional support from Netcetera.”

With its strong presence serving thousands of merchants in the Asia Pacific region, Omise is a major player in the payments industry and, together with Netcetera, drives the security and convenience of online payments. Kiril Milev, Managing Director of Netcetera Singapore, said: “We believe we can bring value to the payments industry with our certified state-of-the-art products, driving e-commerce payments forward. Through our implementation in Omise, we are able to strengthen our influence in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Netcetera and Omise continue to work together to ensure that online payments in Asia are processed in accordance with the latest security standards and to explore the latest payment technologies.


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About Netcetera

Netcetera is a global software company with cutting-edge IT products and personal digital solutions in secure digital payments, financial technology, media, transportation, healthcare and insurance. More than 2,000 banks and card issuers and 150,000 merchants rely on market-leading digital payment solutions and globally certified 3-D Secure products to ensure payment security. This owner-managed company spans the entire IT lifecycle, from ideation and strategy to implementation and operations. A balanced combination of the latest technology and proven standards ensures investment security from large-scale projects to innovative start-ups. Founded in 1996, Netcetera is a 700-employee holding company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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About Omise

Founded in 2013, Omise is a payments platform that provides businesses with a modern end-to-end infrastructure for accepting, processing and paying payments online. By partnering with Omise, merchants gain access to powerful payment tools, comprehensive risk management solutions, and connectivity to card networks and consumers’ preferred payment methods. Omise enables revenue growth and a seamless payment experience online, in-store and in-app.

Omise exists in Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The company is the payment platform of choice for thousands of brands today.

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