Shallow businesses are paying more for live Christmas trees this year

SHALLOWATER, Texas (KCBD) – At Hamilton Farms, all trees are pre-cut and shipped from Canada. Owner Kyla Hamilton said she and her husband have spent a fortune this year.

“Even though we raised 15 percent across the board, we didn’t raise prices to our customers,” Hamilton said. “So, our customers didn’t get price increases, but our costs as landlords went up significantly.”

In addition to spending more money than expected, the Hamilton Farm season started late.

“Our season was scheduled to open on Black Friday, and we had that lovely ice storm that day,” Hamilton said. “So, we weren’t able to open to the public that day, and then it rained the next day, and we got a little muddy, so that day we Can’t open it.”

Hamilton said she and her husband are used to delays and fluctuating costs from their farming and cattle experience.

“You’re just at the mercy of a lot of things that you can’t control: weather, input costs, things like that that you can’t control,” Hamilton said.

When asked how she would make ends meet, Kayla said she was just praying that there would be a lot of business at Hamilton Farms.

“We also have a lot of events and offers and so on. So we hope that some of that offsets the cost as well,” Hamilton said. “Not just the amount, but just spreading that money around the farm and knowing the Lord will take care of us and everything will be alright.”

She was hopeful because despite a difficult year, Hamilton said people were still hunting for Christmas decorations.

“While tree sales have been good, a lot of people have come out and just want to buy their trees, even though we haven’t been able to provide a lot of farm activity from the weather we’ve been having. Tree sales have been good and steady,” Hamilton said.

Prices range from $59 for a 4-foot tree to $350 for a 15-foot tree. Other sizes fall somewhere in the middle.For more information on the Hamilton Farms Christmas tree click Gentlemen.

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