Shengshimei launched a new technology to greatly improve the efficiency of lithium production

Sensmet has launched a new technology that significantly increases the efficiency of lithium production.

A breakthrough technology for lithium manufacturing

Sensmet has introduced a new technology that significantly increases the efficiency of lithium production – the most critical component of lithium-ion batteries. Sensmet’s automated in-line measurement technology enables optimal dosing of chemicals in lithium production, increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Traditionally, battery metals manufacturers have had to rely on batch sampling and laboratory analysis to control their processes, but this is expensive, labor-intensive and often results in delays of 4-10 hours. In contrast, Sensmet’s technology; Micro-Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy µDOES® is capable of real-time measurement of multiple metals such as any battery metal and its impurities. In addition to lithium manufacturing, the technology is also applicable to the recycling of “black lumps” of battery metals.

Implement stringent in-line monitoring and controls to reduce impurity levels, preventing cost and delays in reprocessing.

Potassiumeliber ran a pilot-scale test program in 2022 to evaluate the µDOES® analyzer for continuous optimization of dosing of precipitation chemicals during lithium production. Nearly 80 samples were extracted from the process and analyzed simultaneously for sodium and lithium concentrations using the µDOES® continuous analyzer and laboratory ICP-OES. The results show an excellent correlation between these methods.

Sami Heikkinen, caliber said:

Chemical dosing based on reliable real-time data brings stability to the process, which is important because it avoids drift and optimizes yield and quality while minimizing costs.

The ability to perform continuous, simultaneous measurements of multiple metals in aqueous matrices offers battery metals manufacturers the opportunity to increase process efficiency, reduce costs, increase yield, avoid waste, and improve final product quality.

About Caliber:

Keliber is a Finnish mining and battery chemistry company dedicated to the sustainable production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide from its own ore. Keliber’s products are an essential component of lithium-ion batteries, enabling the electrification of transportation, renewable energy storage and the acceleration of digitalization.

Keliber operates in Finland, where some of the most important lithium deposits in Europe have been discovered. Keliber utilizes the best available technology in mining and production, with a focus on sustainability, minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and ensuring the conditions required for a circular economy.

28day November 2022: Keliber announces €588 million lithium hydroxide refinery

About Shengmei:

Sensmet was founded in 2017 as a spin-out from a university after years of research into microdischarge analyzer technology and related application development. Sensmet’s breakthrough technology microdischarge optical emission spectrometry µDOES® enables online multimetal analysis of water samples.

Critical applications include continuous monitoring of lithium and other battery metals during production and battery metal recycling. Other applications for continuous measurement of metals include ultrapure water, saturated brine, and process water.

Breakthrough Technology in Lithium Manufacturing, January 5, 2022

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