Should international business travel be replaced by virtual meetings?

As we all know, the way we work today has changed dramatically due to changes in our digital environment and the knock-on effects of the global health crisis. Still, international business travel is necessary to build rapport, strengthen relationships, and provide accountability to leaders in all industries.

Since its early days, the internet has slowly but surely created a global community and workforce, essentially shrinking the once vast planet into a more accessible arena. As international business grows, so does international travel. In 2019, global business travel spending was $1.4 trillion. However, as the world watches, 2020 has unfolded and we have learned that the global communities we are accustomed to – business, commerce, travel, relationships, adventure, etc. – are vulnerable to another global situation. Impact: Epidemic.

Over the past two years, businesses have adapted and innovated in unprecedented ways, thanks in large part to our previous ingenuity of the World Wide Web. Working from home became the norm, and international conferences were held online. The way we work has changed dramatically over the past few years, and while we’ve learned that there are definitely some legacy systems we don’t need to go back to, international business travel is always essential to any successful global business trip. enterprise.

There is no doubt that international business travel is absolutely necessary for multinational organizations to build rapport, build strong relationships, and provide accountability to teams. That’s why.

Virtual meetings are great, but…

While Zoom and other online meeting platforms offer many companies the opportunity to meet virtually, nothing beats an in-person meeting. Virtual meetings lack the warmth and personal connection that in-person meetings have. There is no way around this.

estimate about 90% of communication Done in a non-verbal way, many layers of information and thorough communication are lost in the virtual environment. Information is harder, if not impossible, to interpret accurately on screen, which can lead to lost connections, uncreative collaboration, and a disjointed human experience.

more importantly, “zoom fatigueAffects many industries as well. Zoom fatigue is burnout in online and virtual meetings that occurs due to the unnatural nature of digital meetings. Cognitive overload due to the distracting ability to see yourself speaking and limited mobility It has become very common. But there is a cure.

Trust and rapport are built in people

Humans are inherently social animals. Meeting people in the flesh fulfills our need for social connection and allows for more natural and authentic interactions.While returning business travel is slower than initially expectedthe bulk of the workforce is ready.

People are tired of sitting at home or in the office, Only connect with others online; they are happy to meet face to face again. Nothing helps build trust and build rapport like shaking hands with someone and looking them in the eye.Meet in person with clients, colleagues and business partners Create a more intimate environment Cater to authentic and empathetic connections – something that simply cannot be replicated 100% in an online environment.

And that’s where international business travel can make such a difference. Shaking hands in person is more meaningful than smiling and nodding on screen.

Travel will not be the same as before

International business travel is here to stay. With this in mind, it’s important to understand and prepare for future changes. There will always be flight delays and travel restrictions are not going away anytime soon. One thing you can control is being ready to travel. For example, if you are traveling abroad, exchanging currency before leaving the country will not only save you money, but also valuable time.

“What makes having foreign currency and understanding currency exchange options so important for business travelers? It only takes one trip without foreign cash to understand why you need at least a little bit of money on hand,” says MJ Vogel, marketing director at Xchange USA. money, it’s almost impossible to pay for a taxi or buy something in certain stores. Not every provider accepts credit cards or tap-to-pay functionality. “

We’d like to thank the internet and the pandemic for dramatically changing the way we work, but no matter how technologically advanced and skilled we are, there is one thing that will never be replicated or replaced by computers: face-to-face contact. So plan ahead and do Get ready, get ready to start collecting those passport stamps again.

Written by Red Ball.
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