Singapore’s Heron Technology aims to expand driverless traffic management services in the region by merging with Heron AirBridge

  • Merger of Heron AirBridge Reflects Steady Growth of Heron Technology’s AAM and Drone Technology Division Over the Past Two Years

  • New Heron AirBridge Entity to Provide Dedicated UTM Platform Development and Technical Services to AAM Ecosystem

  • By appointing co-founder Mr. Fabrice Ancias Chief Commercial Officer

Singapore, January 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SingaporeHeron Technology, a New York-based provider of digital aviation and cybersecurity solutions, today announced the merger of Heron AirBridge, the company’s separate Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and UAV technology business.

The AirBridge platform is a comprehensive, adaptable, and modular unmanned traffic management platform that will enable the integration of AAM and drone operations between stakeholders and diverse environments.  (Image credit: Heron AirBridge)

The AirBridge platform is a comprehensive, adaptable, and modular unmanned traffic management platform that will enable the integration of AAM and drone operations between stakeholders and diverse environments. (Image credit: Heron AirBridge)

The formation of Heron AirBridge reflects the company’s steady progress in developing and testing its proprietary Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solution, empty bridge, under real-world conditions. The newly formed entity will play an important role in driving the fast-growing AAM industry by developing and delivering a bespoke digital platform running on industry hardware. Through the multi-year AirBridge platform development process, the company worked closely with AAM industry partners, regulators and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) across the region to design a safe, secure and tailored solution that Will form the cornerstone of the AAM industry.

Mr. Ryan LEE, Co-Founder and CEO of Heron AirBridge Say “The aviation industry has experienced a slowdown under the pressure of Covid-19, but the discussion around the AAM industry continues – as AAM is expected to have a positive impact on our current mobility processes and standards. As we achieve the aviation industry in 2023 Revival, with drone regulations looming in the near future, AAM stakeholders need reliable, safe and well-tested technology solutions for their aircraft, vertiport infrastructure, and fleet and customer management system.

We are proud to grow locally Singapore’s The first UTM system to meet the unique requirements of the region. Given the great potential of AAM to address the region’s growing challenges of population growth, urbanization and sustainable development, There is an urgent need for a digital platform to support the introduction of more unmanned aerial operations It must move forward with continuous collaboration among stakeholders to develop the required systems. My partners and I firmly believe that now is the perfect time to build Heron AirBridge and focus on ensuring the necessary software solutions are in place to enable the next exciting phase of the industry. “

Formed in 2021 following Nova Systems’ management buyout Asia Since its launch, Heron Technology has led the development of technology solutions to support the deployment of AAM in the region Singapore’s The first UTM system will be launched in 2021. Over the past year, the latest iteration of the system has been demonstrated to numerous regulators and ANSPs from Europe and across Asia-Pacific area.

AirBridge – the digital backbone of the AAM ecosystem

Second December 2022 McKinsey’s report[1]AAM software development has been identified as a critical missing piece for the industry, with spending expected to account for 30% of the industry’s total value by 2030. The same report estimates that AAM digital platforms need to perform more than 50 functions, all of which need to be customized for different aircraft, evolving business models, geographies and regulatory frameworks.

To fill this critical gap in the AAM market, Heron AirBridge’s business includes the AirBridge drone mission and UTM platform, as well as a full suite of technical support services for UTM integration and operations, vertiport digital infrastructure services and complex drone support services. The platform’s capabilities will continue to expand to meet the changing needs of the AAM and drone service industries, and can be customized to meet customer requirements, with the ability to integrate third-party applications to create a ready-to-deploy all-in-one platform.

Beyond aviation, Heron AirBridge is also working with port authorities and shipping industry stakeholders in several Southeast Asian countries to apply the digital infrastructure technology of the AirBridge platform to enhance and expand maritime drone operations. To ensure the safe, reliable and seamless integration of these planned flights with traditional aircraft and vessel routes, the company also works closely with public and private sector organizations to synchronize AAM and aviation regulatory developments.

Singapore Serves as a launch pad for AAM across the region

witty Singapore As a leading AAM adopter as well as other early movers such as FranceUK and Japan, the maturation of the regulatory framework is a top priority. Heron AirBridge is working closely with local authorities and regulators to develop the technical and regulatory framework required for safe and effective AAM deployment. These government agencies include EnterpriseSG and regional transport and aviation agencies.

Ms. Anne HO, Director of Advanced Manufacturing, EnterpriseSG Say “Advanced air mobility is an emerging growth area that has been identified as part of the Aerospace Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to 2025. EnterpriseSG is pleased to support Heron Airbridge, a provider of proprietary unmanned traffic management solutions Indigenous companies, their innovation and development journey”

AirBridge bolsters executives with appointment of chief commercial officer

With the addition of Heron AirBridge, Fabrice Anci Has joined the company as Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Mr. Ancey’s appointment will strengthen and expand the company’s ability to serve its growing global customer and partner base. An aerospace engineer by training with more than 20 years of experience implementing and overseeing technology integration in the aerospace and transportation industries, Mr. Ancey will lead the company’s business development strategy and execution while supporting its collaboration with industry partners, Key jobs for private sector and public sector entities and regulators.

Mr. Fabrice ANCEY, Chief Commercial Officer, Heron AirBridge Say, “I am delighted to be joining the Heron AirBridge team at this pivotal time in the AAM industry. If we are to see reasonable progress in the deployment of AAM operations in the real world, we must ensure that the underlying technology that every autonomous aircraft, vertiport operator, operations crew, and end user relies on is safe, reliable, and scalable. We are at a truly exciting time in history as aircraft certification and infrastructure developers move forward – UTM technology is key to unlocking the full potential of AAM. “

2023 runway

With the support of EnterpriseSG, Heron Airbridge will further focus on developing and advancing enabling technologies in the field of drones and AAM. The company aims to further develop the AirBridge platform to support a range of industry applications and OEMs, including vertiports and drone logistics operations, expand to other markets, and accelerate the company’s collaboration with end users. Heron Airbridge will also work on ISO27001:2013 certification to strengthen and validate Airbridge’s cyber security.

In the meantime, Heron AirBridge will continue its regulatory development work and integrate drones with partners into shared airspace everywhere, with a focus on Asia-Pacific and Europe. In order to raise the standard of global AAM technology solutions, Heron AirBridge is committed to obtaining EASA certification, providing U-Space[2] Services for EuropeAfter the U-Space regulatory framework comes into effect January 2023.

Heron AirBridge to Debut at Airspace World’s Global Conference 8-2023 March 10, 2023 exist Geneva, Switzerland. At the event expo, the company will showcase its AirBridge platform and the latest technological capabilities in the air traffic management industry.

About Heron AirBridge

Founded in 2022 and part of the Heron Technology Group, Heron AirBridge is an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and UAV technology solutions provider and consultancy. To unlock the vast potential of AAM and drone operations, Heron AirBridge prioritizes the safety, security and integrity of its platform and services as it unifies the concept, development and execution of stakeholders in the AAM ecosystem. The company’s proprietary Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform, AirBridge, will debut in 2021. AirBridge serves as an operator and OEM agnostic platform that provides seamless, safe and secure Low Altitude Airspace Access (BVLOS) operations for the complex Beyond Visual Line of Sight.

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About Heron Technology

Heron Technology is a SingaporeConsulting company based on technology solutions with core competencies in the fields of cybersecurity and digital aviation. In 2023, Heron Technology officially established its independent advanced air mobility and UAV technology service business – Heron AirBridge. Heron believes in being a trusted partner to our customers – solving their unique challenges and future-proofing their business through the meaningful use of technology.

Heron Technology’s Cyber ​​Security Services to Create Zero Trust Security in Information Technology, Industrial Control and Automation, and IoT Systems; Heron AirBridge Capabilities and Services to Build Tomorrow’s Cities by Making Large-Scale Unmanned Aircraft Deployment a Reality .

In today’s ever-evolving technological environment, Heron Technology is committed to forging new paths for its customers to develop solutions and systems that transform and empower lives today and tomorrow.

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[1] Mitchell, A. and Riedel, R. (2022, Dec. 7). Building a Digital Platform for Advanced Air Mobility. McKinsey & Company.

[2] For Europe, U-space is a system being developed to manage Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) traffic. It is a specific set of services and procedures designed to ensure the safe and efficient entry of UAS into airspace. The purpose of U-space is to automate UAS management and integration, allowing a large number of operations, including simultaneous operations. The process will be integrated with the current aircraft traffic management system.

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