Skills are no match for grandma in the kitchen

One thing that is often overlooked is how far we have come today in terms of the way people choose and prepare food every day.

Take a moment to think about how food selection and preparation used to be different from today’s high-tech food selection and preparation. In the beginning, taste was less important and more about food translating into survival.

If you want to go back to cavemen (perhaps the days of Bobby Flay and Emeril Lagasse in their day) and cave women, it’s just a matter of banging the top of your head with a stick before building a bonfire on the edge of your cave and cooking.

Obviously the meat was not cooked in a non-stick pan or with the aid of any fancy marinade or seasoning. This is the basic, “you have to kill it before you grill it” thought process for survival food.

Even in the pioneering days of our country, a lot of the time it boiled down to a few basic vegetables or fruits that people could grow mixed with whatever game they could shoot. It is still cooked over an open fire, many times just on the stove in the cottage.

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