Small businesses need access to technology like big ones: India at COP27

Discussions must focus on bridging the gap between what we want to achieve and how to achieve it, the environment minister told a panel chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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India set to unveil its long-term low-emissions and development strategy at COP27 on Monday

Environment Minister Leena Nandan stressed at a COP27 panel discussion on Friday that climate change is not just a problem for emitters, and that MSMEs and start-ups need access to technology like big business.

Nandan speaks during a panel discussion on “Technology Needs Assessment for Sustainable Living” at the India Pavilion at COP 27. India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) moderated discussions to identify technology needs and its sound assessment for adoption of Sustainable Development – Future Global Citizenship.

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“Climate change is not just an issue for those who are seen as emitters. It is now recognized that climate change cannot hope to go away. It is knocking on our door,” she said.


‘Lifestyle must change’

Nandan noted that climate change is causing an increase in natural disasters. “The way we live needs to change to meet the challenges we face…Our discussions now need to focus on bridging the gap between what we want to achieve and how to achieve it.”

To bridge the gap, “Technology cannot be limited to large corporations just because of access to funding. MSMEs and start-ups need to be able to access funding to optimize the use of technology,” Nandan believes.

Existing science has many solutions, but how that science can be applied to our advantage has to be dealt with, she said. She gave the example of road construction, where a one-size-fits-all policy cannot apply due to India’s vast diversity. “Technology needs assessments vary from state to state. Terrain diversity forces states to find their own solutions,” she explained.

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“Reduce, reuse, recycle, restore and refurbish. All ‘Rs’ require T, which is technology,” she added, urging DST to work with the state government to come up with innovative solutions.

India is scheduled to release its Long Term Low Emissions and Development Strategy (LTLEDS) at COP27 on Monday. Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav will release the document, officials said.

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