South Milwaukee woman turns balloons into decoration business

MILWAUKEE β€” Nilsa Arce-Masso has been fascinated by balloons throughout her life.

“This is one of the [my mom] Will get us – so many balloons and a small gift. It’s been with us all the time, and for me, I love it,” Arce Marceau said.

That’s why she started a balloon company called Masso Balloons Decor, named after her mother. Fueled by her brother, the business has also come to life.

“He asked me to give him a baby shower in April and we did it and people were like, ‘You should start a business. You should do it more often. You should try it out, you’re really talented ,” Arce Marceau said.

(Spectrum News 1/Phillip Boudreaux)

Now, the South Milwaukee Company is using balloons to bring joy to those celebrating life milestones.

It started in April but quickly caught on. Arce-Masso said they were fully booked in September.

β€œIt’s been an emotional roller coaster of being able to do so much in such a short period of time and grow along the way. I feel like every event is something new, we try new things, and we just keep growing,” Arce-Masso said.

So far, they have used balloons to decorate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. She said she enjoyed every minute.

Arce-Masso said she believes balloons allow her to unleash her creativity.

“Sometimes my clients say, ‘I want browns and blues and oranges.’ Another person told me to create what I thought would be best for my event and to be able to go in and decorate something that I thought would fit and let it Being something they absolutely fell in love with was one of the best feelings because they gave me the creative freedom to do what I felt I knew how to do best,” Arce-Masso said.

You can find Masso Balloons Decor on Facebook or Instagram.

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