Storm destroys Strathmore agribusiness facility

Strathmore, Calif. (KFSN) — Flooding hit a South Valley business owner hard, destroying all of his equipment.

Ubaldo Sanchez was on the verge of tears as he shared how the latest storm has affected his family business, Strathmore Ag Supply.

“This is where we are safe. We put everything here and we want to be safe,” Sanchez said.

His family has owned the land for over 40 years and has worked on it for over 20 years.

Water never entered the facility, Sanchez said.

He said the losses were catastrophic financially.

“All these tools we have now, all these supplies, plus the damage is a million dollars,” Sanchez explained.

Sanchez said the family business serves and employs more than 800 people.

Now, the family is trying to recover everything they can.

As more storms loom this weekend, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol will have crews working around the clock to keep people safe on the roads.

People should stay home, but if you do need to drive, be careful, said California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Salas.

“If you can, slow down, put on your seat belt, and let go of any distractions,” Salas said.

Sanchez and his brother are trying to assess the damage and clean up their business.

The brothers did everything they could to salvage everything to keep the business afloat.

They say it will take months to restore everything.

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