Storm Lake Fire Department leverages new technology to serve community

Sioux City (KTIV) – The Storm Lake Fire Department has launched new software to help keep the community safe.

Community Connect is new software that allows the department to view useful information provided by residents or businesses.

It provides an option for people in the community to share important details about a home or business where they can save a life.

“It gives us access to information that we might not otherwise have. Let’s say your grandmother lives with you and she’s disabled and has limited mobility. She lives in a bedroom on the northwest corner of the third floor, and if for some reason you’re not home Or you can’t move, and there’s a fire or other emergency, and we’ll get that information, and we can eventually pull people specifically to that area,” Storm Lake Fire Chief Glen Schlesser said.

This is just one example of how the software works.

It allows users to provide access codes, the location of gas and water lines, pets living in the residence, and more.

The software upgrade will help provide service to Storm Lake and the surrounding area.

“We’ve had about 100 residents and businesses registered so far, and we’re obviously working on expanding that. This pair of people who live in Storm Lake, Trusdale, Lakeside, Washington, Grant and the Sea It is open to anyone in the townships and rural areas of Buenavista County,” Schlesser said.

Chief Schlesser said all information provided was secured with bank-grade encryption.

If you live in an area where the software is available, you can find a link on the city’s website or on the fire department’s social media pages, and you can find a link to this story here.

The software was first launched earlier this year.

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