Students study information technology at the College of Great Falls

Great Falls College-MSU hosted a “Meet the Experts” panel discussion on Thursday, October 20, 2022, an opportunity for current and prospective students to learn about information technology.

The group is organized by the Faculty’s Department of Computer Technology.

Program Director Cheryl Simpson said, “The purpose of the Meet the Experts panel is to be able to get the many community experts working in Grand Rapids to explain to my students and future students what a day in life really looks like. Like these people. They like them or they don’t like them. What aspects of the job? What aspects of their job require certain soft skills? So getting these different pieces of information from people in the industry will give them more information.”

Panelists included representatives from Raytheon, DA Davidson, Brightvine, Motion Encoding and Benefis Health System. Each of them answered questions from hosts and listeners about their experiences and advice for those eager to work in tech.

Vickie Nelson is one of the team members. She serves as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Benefis Health System. She noted that the industry is so broad, which means work styles can vary.

She said, “Your job and responsibilities do vary depending on what area of ​​expertise you pursue and work in. But that’s what’s great about it. It’s all about pursuing different avenues, and there are endless options to choose from. Pursue.”

Cybersecurity is one of four computer technology degrees offered at the College of Great Falls. The others are programming, information support systems, and cybersecurity and support.

Student Jordyn Merchant said she didn’t envision herself entering the field until she took some of the courses offered.

“I just found the cybersecurity part of it very interesting,” she said. “I decided to add it to the programming stuff. But knowing how things work and making sure everything is safe is always important, especially today.”

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