Sustainable business practices are the focus of CPhI 2022

“The pharmaceutical industry can have a hugely positive impact on our environment if we develop innovative solutions for manufacturing practices, and if we think in a more flexible and solutions-based approach,” organizers said.

CDMO Perspective ​​​

James Choi, executive vice president, chief information and marketing officer at Samsung Biologics, will speak at the trade event on why pharmaceutical CDMOs should consider a shift in long-term sustainability.

He will explain how the pharmaceutical industry and innovative initiatives should work to improve outcomes for patients, employees, the environment and the wider community.

Aurelio Arias, IQVIA thought leadership engagement manager, said many health systems have identified medicines as one of the largest single contributors to their carbon footprint. His presentation at the Frankfurt trade fair will assess the carbon footprint of the pharmaceutical industry and offer advice on what the industry can do to reduce emissions, meet environmental goals and thus open up a new way to support human health.

Frank Roschangar, Distinguished Investigator, IU Sustainability, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, and Michael Umberto Luescher, Process Development Chemist, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, are also discussing the topic.

They will discuss best practices for green chemistry metrics in the context of API life cycle assessment to assess the impact of waste on pharmaceutical raw material manufacturing and its limitations.

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