TAICEND The world’s leading hydrophilic polyurethane foam technology

dallas, January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TAICEND’s world-leading hydrophilic polyurethane foam technology is a patented and exclusive material that has proven its high safety and effectiveness in the medical field. It has a number of distinct advantages over gauze and other materials such as OPsite, which are commonly used to make dressings. These advantages include high absorbency, breathability, fast healing speed, prevention of scar tissue, no risk of cytotoxicity, and excellent biocompatibility with human fibroblasts, among others.

As mentioned above, TAICEND’s hydrophilic PU foam has an extremely high absorbency, which was found to have a representative value of 900% according to the test method EN 13726-1. Water is attracted to the molecular composition of the hydrophilic PU foam, giving it a high water retention rate. This forces dangerous exudate to be removed quickly and permanently from the wound bed, cleansing the area and promoting healing. This is in contrast to hydrophobic PU foams, which allow exudate to coagulate on the wound bed. In addition, the high air permeability of TAICEND’s hydrophilic PU foam is matched with its absorbency. According to the EN 13726-2 test method, its moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTA) shows that the representative value is 1680 g/m-2.24h-1. These two properties combine to keep the wound site clean and prevent infection.

As for its anti-blocking properties, TAICEND’s hydrophilic PU foam has proven to outperform gauze and opsite by up to 8 times. This helps overcome the sticking concerns that most healthcare providers have when using patches for wet wound healing. This also allows for easy removal of the dressing to observe the wound. Very importantly, the size, thickness and absorbency of the foam can also be adjusted to the needs of the wound.

The high efficiency and reliability of TAICEND’s hydrophilic PU foam is also reflected in its excellent healing speed. This is important because modern dressings are increasingly expected to promote functional and aesthetic regeneration beyond just covering wounds. In this regard, TAICEND’s innovative hydrophilic PU foam also performed better than gauze and opsite, as found in the National Cheng Kung University study cited above. This is due to its excellent ability to reduce inflammation and improve epithelial regeneration, as well as its moisturizing properties.

TAICEND’s hydrophilic PU foam has many revolutionary qualities. It retains all the advantages of traditional dressings while greatly improving wound cleanliness, adhesion and healing time. That’s why TAICEND’s hydrophilic polyurethane foam technology is ideal for any medical professional.

TAICEND will participate in the MedTrade International Medical Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition March 28-30 This year.

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