Technology Modernization Fund announces investments to support employment of people with disabilities

The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) has announced a new investment to update the US AbilityOne Council’s Procurement List Information Management System (PLIMS) software. The PLIMS core software connects employers of blind or severely disabled individuals with federal agency clients. This investment will improve this connection while enhancing the accessibility of the system and creating a more secure system. These improvements will also improve the Commission’s ability to execute program oversight and will benefit federal customers who rely on AbilityOne’s products and services.

“AbilityOne is a small, independent agency with an extremely important mission,” said Clare Martorana, TMF Chairman of the Board and Federal Chief Information Officer. ‚ÄúDuring the pandemic, the AbilityOne program is critical to keeping the federal government and the U.S. military meeting the exponential growth in demand through a nationwide surge. Many AbilityOne employees are designated as essential workers; their responsibilities include manning critical uninterrupted services personnel, such as dining facilities and switchboard operations at military bases and VA hospitals, as well as IRS and VA call centers. Backed by TMF, this investment will ensure that AbilityOne can continue to provide these essential services without interruption. Serve.”

“TMF funding will modernize critical software and provide jobs for thousands, including more than 2,500 wounded warriors,” said TMF Executive Director Raylene Yung. “AbilityOne directly supports a variety of programs that connect veterans and other people with disabilities to nonprofits and other resources.”

AbilityOne provides nearly $4 billion annually in products and services to the federal government and is one of the largest sources of employment for individuals who are blind or severely disabled in the United States. TMF is investing $1.78 million to improve procurement software that supports the purchase and sale of the high-quality products and services that the AbilityOne program provides to federal customers.

“AbilityOne is delighted to be working with TMF to modernize our PLIMS system,” said Jeffrey A. Koses, Senior Procurement Executive Office of GSA Government-Wide Policy and Chair of the U.S. AbilityOne Council. “This investment will enhance the Commission’s ability to enforce statutory oversight of the program and will benefit federal customers who rely on AbilityOne products and services, as well as the program’s 450 nonprofits, which employ 40,000 people.”

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