Texas business owner finds burglary suspect from store surveillance video

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Craig Staley, owner of Royal Blue Grocery, said he searched for the person who broke into his store on surveillance video after filing a non-emergency police report.

About a year ago, the APD asked people to start calling 311 instead of 911 to report criminal activity that had not yet been committed.

When Staley reviewed the surveillance footage, he identified the man as the same person who was arrested following a burglary at another Royal Blue Grocery store in February.

According to the arrest records, he was right — the same man: Marion Osborn.

Staley said he wanted to find Osborn because he didn’t want him to hit his business again.

“I thought, ‘Well, we’re going to have to take care of this ourselves,'” he said. “I was almost going home and getting ready for the day, and I thought, ‘No, I’m going to drive around and see if I can find this guy.’

He said he found the man at 6th and Sabine Streets and called police if his car was safe.

“I called 911 and said the guy who broke into our store earlier, I caught him, can you send the police? I did it, we got him, it didn’t take any time at all,” he said.

Arrest records show that Osborn has been arrested several times recently, most recently on October 1. 13

We have reached out to APD regarding the arrest but have yet to hear back. We’re also looking for an answer to why he got out of jail so quickly and so many times. We’ll update this story when we get more information.

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