The Yankees took an early lead.Astros try to avoid sweeping Bronx in ALCS Game 4

The Houston Astros are in their sixth straight ALCS, and they’re on their way to their fourth World Series in six years. Going 3-0 in the series and undefeated this postseason, they’re just one win away from eliminating the New York Yankees for the third time in the round.

A stagnant Yankees offense reached the low point of a frustrating series in Game 3.Manager Aaron Boone has changed his squad twice – then moved Harrison Budd Anthony Rizzo gets into the starting spot — out of luck against Houston’s deep, domineering pitchers.

Game 4 doesn’t get any easier. Houston has Lance McCullers Jr. The score was pegged on the mound at Yankee Stadium. Aaron Judge and the rest of the lineup will need to find a way to work out against the McCullers and the high-octane bullpen — all with looming eliminations and questions about whether upcoming free agency Judge may have played his final game. The game of pinstripes under the cloud of question.

The Yankees will start Nestor Cortez Jr., the breakout star who already saved their season with a heroic performance in Game 5 of the ALDS.

ALCS Game 4 was scheduled to start at 7:07pm ET on TBS, but Major League Baseball announced that games would not start on time. The first pitch is now scheduled for 8:30pm ET.

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