Tineco CARPET ONE Carpet Cleaning Machine Series Smart Technology Big Suction » Gadget Flow

Keep your home spotless with the Tineco CARPET ONE Carpet Cleaner Collection. Choose from 2 models – Carpet One and Carpet One Pro – both offering high powered suction at 130 AW. In addition, they have a motor power of 1,300 watts. Plus, they feature PowerDry and HeatedWash technologies, as well as DrynessMeter and iLoop smart sensors. Plus, each has an integrated LED display and the ability to remove deep-seated dirt and stains. Their brush heads are designed with a PTC heater and temperature controller to maintain the water temperature at 104° F for incredible cleaning. Using a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution, they’re effective at removing stains and odors you can’t even see! Plus, the iLoop Smart Dust Sensor detects the dirt level of the carpet to use just the right amount of suction and water.

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