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The travel and tourism industry in Ohio and across the country is a critical economic development engine, employing hundreds of thousands of people and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Locally, tourism is an important part of our economy and we are committed to continually increasing its significant impact in Belmont County.

The total economic impact of tourism in Belmont County will be $255 million in 2021, up from $246 million in 2019, according to Oxford Economics. Tourism brings in $147 million in direct visitor spending, $35 million in total tax revenue, and costs our residents $676 a year. family tax burden.

Travel forecasts for 2023 look strong, with 73% more optimistic about travel than in 2022, according to Many travelers are looking for experiences like nostalgic locations, community-conscious travel, laid-back vacations, exploring lesser-known cities and finding hidden gems. The Belmont County location fits that need perfectly! We are a small town with a great community.

Belmont County is known for its small-town hospitality and friendly, laid-back vibe. Over the years our town has been able to retain and build upon its strong values ​​and historic character. Our rich history and traditions are passed on and celebrated at annual events and festivals. These events connect our residents with visitors, while maintaining age-old traditions and showcasing what makes our beautiful community unique.

The Tourist Office plays an integral role in marketing our region and showcasing the best of Belmont County. Every year we release a new visitor guide that tells the story of Belmont County. The 50+ page magazine introduces visitors to our area’s businesses, attractions and events and has a local and regional circulation of 15,000 copies throughout the year.

In addition to the visitor guide, our office sends out a weekly newsletter featuring happenings and happenings in the county.

The average open rate for our newsletter is almost double the national average. We also have a strong web and social media presence.

If you are planning an event in 2023, please share this information with our office so we can add it to our website events calendar and share it on our social media channels. You can visit the Ohio Valley Mall office by calling 740-695-4359 or online at

The Tourist Office is proud to be a community partner, resource and help promote all things happening here in friendly, beautiful Belmont County. We are optimistic about the future of Belmont County and look forward to an exciting and high-impact 2023!

Each month, this space will be dedicated to a column written by Jackee Pugh, Executive Director of the Belmont County Tourism Commission. She will provide information on the tourist office, local attractions, upcoming events, and other local finds in Belmont County. She will share information about tourism and how it affects our local economy.

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