Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Leaving the Democratic Party, Calling It an ‘Elite Cabal of Warmongers’

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced she was leaving the Democratic Party, condemning it as an “elite cabal of warmongers,” while calling on other “common-sense independent-minded Democrats” to join her in quitting.

“I can no longer stay in today’s Democratic Party, which is now completely controlled by a cowardly awakening-driven elitist cabal that divides us by racializing every issue And incite anti-white racism, actively undermine our God-given liberties, and hostile to people of faith & Spirituality, Demonizing the Police and protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security nation to hunt down political opponents, and most importantly, bring us closer and closer to nuclear war,” Gabbard said in a statement. Twitter.

Gabbard represented Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District as a Democrat from 2013 to 2021 and ran unsuccessfully for the party’s presidential nomination in 2020. In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, she claimed the party she was leaving represented the “strong elite”, not the people.

Photo: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard answers media questions after his February election campaign. September 9, 2020 Portsmouth, NH

Congressman. Tulsi Gabbard answers media questions after the February election campaign. September 9, 2020 Portsmouth, NH

Scott Eisen/Getty Images, File

“If you can’t stand the so-called awakening of the direction that Democratic theorists are leading our country. I invite you to join me,” she said.

Gabbard combined her statement with a podcast series titled “The Tulsi Gabbard Show” launched on YouTube. The first upload was a 28-minute episode titled “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party,” in which she details her entry into the Democratic Party as a youth, “received by Democrats who opposed the Vietnam War. Inspired” and those who stood up for Hawaii’s plantation workers.

She said one of the main reasons her 20-year term as a member of the Democratic Party will be cut short is her fear that “President Biden and the Democratic elite are pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war with the potential to spark a third world war and destroy it. The world as we know it.”

Gabbard said she also entered the 2020 presidential cycle because of a looming “nuclear holocaust.”

“I’m running for president in 2020 because I know that’s where we’re headed. All the signs are there. I’ve spent every day during the campaign and on the national debate stage for those of you who may have been in town hall or watching. Man, I’m sure you noticed, but the politicians and the media completely ignored it,” she said.

In her statement and throughout the episode, Gabbard touted some traditionally conservative talking points, repeated right-wing rhetoric such as “awakening” and “elite,” and recalled rhetoric often circulated by top Republican leaders.

Photo: in this February.  In this Aug. 8, 2020, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate House of Representatives. D-Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard speaks at the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner in Manchester, NH

In this February 8, 2020, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. D-Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard speaks at the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner in Manchester, NH

Mary Altafer/Associated Press, file

She accused Democrats of turning American democracy into a “banana republic” — a term widely used by Republican leaders, especially to describe the FBI’s August search of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate .

“The raid on MAL is yet another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the regime’s political opponents, while the likes of Hunter Biden have been treated with child gloves. Now the regime is letting another 87,000 IRS staff Agents wielding against their opponents? Banana Republic,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wrote after the raid.

Gabbard has been a longtime Fox News contributor — she guest-hosted “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in August following the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“Now, whatever your opinion of Donald Trump, there’s no denying that the unprecedented raid on his Palm Beach home earlier this week set our country down a dangerous new path, and there’s no turning back, ‘ she said on the show.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Gabbard’s “Fox And Friends” called her an “independent maverick” after her announcement, noting that her departure from the Democratic Party could be a sign of further distance from the party.

“I think when she ran for president, she realized how isolated she was from the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Party, which, frankly, is a very weird party right now. We saw the same thing last time in Philadelphia. Happening in a slightly different way this week, the former Democratic deputy mayor backed Dr. Oz in the U.S. Senate and said John Feltman was so crazy about crime, so pro-crime, he couldn’t possibly support him. So I think you’re seeing this That kind of drift, and we’ve certainly seen a huge drift of Latinos toward the Republicans as they’ve been driven away by the more bizarre policies of the Democrats,” he said.

Gabbard did not announce her next move or whether she would consider joining the Republican Party. However, she has long opposed the two-party system that dominates U.S. politics, leading some to speculate that she might find politicians as independents or third parties.

“I would say that with our bipartisan system, I think it’s broken. And because the two parties have so much power, it’s broken in a big way, so there can’t really be a viable independent or third party, ‘ she said when running for president in January 2020.

Beatrice Peterson of ABC News contributed to this report.

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