U.S. agrees to tackle discrimination in airport security tech

TSA is a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that oversees the security of the nation’s internal and external transportation networks.

GAO found that while TSA has a procedure for handling rider complaints of discrimination, it could improve how it informs riders about the process.

While TSA provides airports with signs at checkpoints that include contact information for security issues, most do not explicitly cite complaints.

additional steps required

The report further states: “Additional steps to better inform the public about the discrimination complaint process can help ensure that any issues are identified and addressed. In addition, TSA’s data systems and collection practices limit its ability to fully analyze discrimination complaints.”

The GAO found that TSA was unable to analyze the number of complaints deemed worthy or resulting in disciplinary action because the data was stored in disparate systems that lacked specific fields to collect this information. Improved TSA analysis of discrimination complaint data could better inform training and other initiatives that help prevent discrimination.

solve problems with technology

TSA Administrator David Pekoske recently told members of Congress that the organization is now trying to address these issues through technology.

“We’re applying new technology to our security checkpoints,” Pekoske said. “We have a lot of new technology at the Atlanta airport, but part of that technology is the ability to automatically detect prohibited items, and we don’t have the capability to do that right now.”

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