‘Unfinished business:’ Former Soviet players talk 2023 return, bowl game

The No. 13 Florida State Seminoles closed the regular season with a win over the rival Florida Gators to lock up the state and end the season with nine wins. To add to the momentum, multiple players have announced their return to Tallahassee in 2023, and lead signalman Jordan Travis is one of them.

QB Jordan Travis, WR Mycah Pittman and OL D’Mitri Emmanuel speak to the media after Saturday’s practice as they prepare for their Dec. 29 Cheez-it showdown with the Oklahoma Sooners in just a few weeks .

jordan travis

“Honestly, I feel like I need another year,” Travis said of his decision to come back next season, “just to keep going and show what I can do. I feel like I’ve improved a lot this year. I still have There’s a lot that hasn’t been done.”

Travis said the timing of his announcement coincided with the opening of the recruiting portal because he “hoped to get it out as soon as possible.” It was important for him to “get out and meet some people”.

Travis digs deeper into his decision, reaching out to players on the Portal, and future prospects for the team in the full interview below.

Micah Pittman

The excitement over Travis’ return seemed to resonate throughout the locker room, with Pittman saying, “I’m sure I knew he was back before a lot of people knew.” What to do, we trust Coach Norvell to lead us, we trust Jtrav to lead us … I’m proud of him; I’m proud of the way he’s playing; I’m proud of this team.”

Regarding Pittman’s decision to come back, he said that he hopes to have a better year this year, “I must work harder and go there to show my ability.”

As he considered his goals for next year, he said he wanted a national championship.

See Pittman’s full interview below.

Dmitry Emmanuel

Emmanuel was one of many players who moved early to a team that didn’t necessarily win a lot of football. When looking back on his decision to go to Florida State, he said he “just wanted to be coached and continue to get better from where I was. I feel like throughout the season, I’ve been gradually getting better and better, and I really do. what I wanted to do.”

Looking back on the season, he said it felt good to be in the bowl game but also missed some opportunities. “It felt really good in the middle of the season when we missed some chances and we felt like we should come back, but for me personally, it felt really good to do my job and be a part of it.”

Speaking of the team’s final game of the year, Dmitry said he was “very excited. I’m even excited to be bowling; there are a lot of teams that don’t even do that; for the big stage where we have the opportunity to be at the cheez-it bowl Playing Oklahoma last night, Orlando is going to be great, so I’m really excited about that.”

Emmanuel’s full interview can be found below.

*Emmanuel’s video courtesy of Noles247.com

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