Vietnam Software Development Outsourcing for the Australian Market: Saigon Technology Shares Its In-Depth Guide

Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam–(Business Wire)–Saigon Technology Has been helping numerous businesses and growing start-ups around the world by providing the right cost, best-in-class service Vietnam Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Company. Vietnam is a country with huge development potential Software Development Services, for Asia and other countries.Vietnam has fixed spectrum software engineer specialized in many different programming languageswith rich work attitude and talent, thanks to the rich talent resources in the golden age of work.

And, especially for the Australian market, when it comes to Software development outsourcing, Vietnam was seen as a suitable location, in part due to the relative proximity of time zones and topography between the two countries.Aside from the factors that make Vietnam an attractive option, the following are from Saigon Technology for Software Development Outsourcing in Vietnam for the Australian market.

Vietnam IT Industry Overview

In order to host global companies such as IBM, Samsung, Microsoft and Nokia in Vietnam, the country jumped five places in the rankings. Vietnam has a labor market of about 56 million people, with a labor force participation rate of 76 percent, according to Vietnam Briefing.

Career service centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi say job vacancies in the IT sector are still in demand despite the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, more manpower is needed to fill these software engineer gaps. This also partly reflects the excitement in the Vietnamese software development market. Among them, huge investment from foreign software companies; for example, Worldwide DC Solution in Singapore has invested US$70 million in SHTP’s OneHub data center.

How to outsource software development to Vietnam

For Vietnamese software development companies, based on the actual projects that Saigon Tech has conquered and succeeded, we will list the salient points to pay attention to in the following in-depth guide:

1. Your company’s financial resources

First of all, the first factor that will determine your starting point is the budget your company spends on software outsourcing projects. Consider Plan A and Plan B against the budget of your software outsourcing project to be able to filter out vendor offerings that fit your business’ financial needs.

2. The type of service you want

Onshore software outsourcing: Onshore suppliers are located in the same country as the customer. The following are examples of US customers and US suppliers.

Nearshore software outsourcing: Supplier and customer teams are in the same time zone, minimizing commute times and distances between the two. Just consider how UK customers interact with European suppliers.

Offshore Software Outsourcing: “Offshore” refers to a situation where the supplier is located in a different geographic area than the customer and is far away from the customer. Here, we can connect with customers in Australia, but work with a Vietnamese supplier that varies greatly in time zone and geographic distance.

3. Have a suitable service fee payment method

Fixed price: For this model of software outsourcing, standards must be clearly defined from the outset. Suppliers may complete an initial exercise to document requirements and understand the amount of risk before quoting for major projects. This is necessary for situations where the client does not have sufficiently clear written requirements or where there are high risk areas.

Time and Materials: After taking into account the amount of work put into the project (usually through the use of a schedule) and any expenditure incurred by the products and services, the supplier sends the customer the project invoiced at the rate discussed and agreed upon before starting.

Enhanced: The client needs a fixed number of employees for a long time to complete a certain job. The categories of jobs and tasks do not have to be stated at the start of the engagement; instead, the provider understands the types of jobs and tasks required in order to provide the right qualified personnel.

4. How relevant are languages, cultures and time zones

First, get a clear picture of your budget, schedule, and size and document it. Time, price and performance considerations are very important.

Secondly, check whether the English ability of the team is sufficient. Face-to-face interviews (or through a conference platform if the team is far apart) is the easiest way to learn about their accent, language, speech, and technical language usage.

Finally, consider time zone changes. The two sides can talk and turn time zone differences into flexibility. The most important thing is that both parties agree. Therefore, thoroughly discuss and agree to the project before handing it over to the partner of your choice.

Some impressive things about Saigon Tech

The cost-effectiveness of Saigon Technology’s commercial software development services and its extensive programming expertise can influence a client’s decision to hire a software outsourcing company. In addition, Saigon Tech prides itself on managing and employing the top 1% of outstanding engineers in Vietnam. With this pride, the company set out to become one of the best enterprise software development companies in Asia.

Saigon Technology has built a reputation as a leader in a range of industries from healthcare and banking to marketing and advertising and logistics over the course of over 10 years and over 900 projects. Saigon technical team provides machine learning, microservices, .NET Core, Java, NodeJS, PHP, ReactJS and Angular. Valued customers of Saigon Technology: Kaercher, Abbott, Panasonic, Topicus and DMI Inc.

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