Vivid Microscopy’s technology detects stages of cardiac microvascular disease using animal-based models, as demonstrated in a University of Louisville study

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Wawatosa, Wisconsin, October 26 February 2022 /PRNewswire/—— vivid microscopean emerging biotech company announced the successful use of its high-content screening probe, SEMKUR-IM, in a University of Louisville Coronary microvascular disease (CMD) in postmenopausal women.

A condition that affects more than 3 million women each year, microvascular dysfunction typically manifests as chest pain and shortness of breath, which can lead to heart failure. Current detection methods are through angiography or special forms of ultrasound. Early detection of microvascular dysregulation signals is critical — if undetected, it can lead to heart failure or a massive heart attack.

In the experiment University of Louisville published in Antioxidant and redox signaling, the scientists studied four different cellular conditions and used various metrics to assess each state. Vivid’s probe is unique in that it can detect all stages of CMD affecting the blood supply of the heart (with the smallest standard deviation). Using fluorescence technology, the SEMKUR-IM tool is able to differentiate the disease from its initial stage to its most extreme severity and assess the effectiveness of drugs aimed at treating the disease.

“Vivid Microscopy’s product is the only technology we have been able to find that can detect glutathione in living cells. SEMKUR-IM is the only product that can be made in our saline solution and then injected. Most other fluorescent products require cells Or the tissue is fixed first, which does not allow us to study in real time how glutathione levels change in response to stimuli such as intraluminal fluid flow or drug agonists,” said Dr. Evan Tracy or University of Louisvilleworking under the supervision of Dr. Amanda LeBron.

This University of Louisville Research demonstrates how Vivid’s probe can be used to determine the effectiveness of new cardiovascular treatments.according to Jason KulfisCEO of Vivid Microscopy, “These approaches offer an opportunity to greatly improve patients’ quality of life while reducing mortality, making SEMKUR-IM a valuable tool for developing drugs and interventions for the treatment of heart disease.”

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About Vivid Microscope:

At Vivid Microscopy, our mission is to improve the speed and accuracy of preclinical assessment tools that provide researchers and scientists with quantitative results. Vivid Microscopy uses fluorescent technology to detect biomarkers associated with cellular damage, creating SEMKUR-IM, a quantitative test to assess cellular damage. We are committed to providing scientists and researchers with predictive technologies that can be used to advance disease diagnosis and drug development. vivid microscope based on Wawatosa, Wisconsin and in U.S..

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