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Image by Jim Weatherup from Oswego County’s YouTube channel.

Oswego County – Oswego County Legislature Chairman James Withup released his monthly video update yesterday (Thursday, October 13) where he discussed Micron Technology’s commitment to Oswego County Impact and the sale of the former Attis Ethanol site.

If the video does not have an American Sign Language translation, the full transcript can be viewed here.

He started talking about Micron’s chip manufacturing facility in Clay, New York, just outside the Oswego County border.

“Micron’s decision to invest billions of dollars in our region is a major opportunity for our county, and in the weeks, months and years to come, we must do everything we can to ensure that our residents and businesses are The economic benefits of this development can be felt,” Wetherup said. “Oswego County has ample land and developable properties near Micron’s fab. It is critical that we act to make our county a valuable asset to the companies that support the chip manufacturing industry and the future of the next two decades and beyond. Thousands of workers looking for quality housing near the site are attractive.”

He then announced that the legislature had approved a resolution to bring in new tenants at the former Attis ethanol plant. It is also home to the former Miller Distillery.

“Despite many promises to restore its status as the county’s economic engine over the decades, the site has changed hands and has not reached its full potential,” Weatherup said. “However, with the actions taken by the county, the site has It will end up in the capable hands of a Fortune 500 company and become a productive property and job creation in the region.”

Weatherup said Oswego County owns the parcels with delinquent taxes and has worked with the creditors of the former owners to sell the property to Global Partners, a large, Massachusetts-based energy supply company. Weatherup said the world plans to resume ethanol production at the site.

“Not like the previous owner [Attis Ethanol]Global is an established public company that has been in operation for nearly a century,” Weatherup said.

Weatherup also said the county is now taking action to put out a year-old smoldering fire at the site, which has been a nuisance to nearby residents.

“We are delighted to be able to provide relief to nearby property owners while also taking the first steps towards restoring the property to productive use,” Weatherup said.

He then went on to announce that the Legislature had approved the USA Rescue Program Act funding to various cities across the county for the projects they proposed.

The eight projects include: water projects in Hannibal Township and Sandy Creek Village, which will improve access to safe drinking water for residents and businesses, as well as the establishment of a childcare camp at Cayuga Community College and the strengthening of the Police Academy. proposal.

For more information on ARPA funding, or to complete an application form for your business or organization, you can visit the County Legislatures tab on and click on “America Rescue Program.”

Weatherup also said the legislature approved a renewal contract that will allow the county town to carry out snow and ice removal work on county roads this winter. He said the agreement will be revisited by the winter of 2023-2024 due to rising costs for fuel, drivers and equipment, which will increase to $9,000 per mile this winter.

“This agreement ensures our roads remain safe and passable this winter, and our towns are adequately compensated,” Weatherup said.

Finally, he discussed Operation Green Light, an initiative that honors veterans and the struggles they face. For the first two weeks of November, the county will give the green light on county buildings.

“County Veterans Services offices are often one of the first points of contact for veterans returning from active duty, and if you know a veteran who needs assistance, please direct them to our Veterans Services agency,” Weatherup said.

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