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The answer: the lightest, most advanced equipment to help you realize your dreams.

At Madshus, we believe in trickle-down technology because everyone should be able to enjoy the pinnacle of engineering, materials science, research and development, whatever their dreams may be.

Madshus engineers are constantly working on innovative solutions and experimenting with new structures, materials and methods to create the lightest, fastest skis and gear for all conditions. Working closely with the world’s best athletes, they design, develop, test and re-test each product without compromise.

Wondering how the engineers at Madshus work and how the R&D goes?

Meet The Sector 19: Where Great Gear Is Born

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Like World Cup racers chasing the smallest margins and trying to cut time, everyday skiers depend on reliable performance, lightweight construction and the best materials.

That’s why our engineers take the best features from our award-winning World Cup skis and boots, tweaking and optimizing them to meet the specific needs of the everyday racer. World Cup proven, but slightly tuned to better meet the needs of performance-oriented skiers and racers of all levels.

Because everyone should be able to enjoy the pinnacle of engineering, whether you’re chasing Olympic medals or bragging about it locally.

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Thomas Bean (Photo: Madshus)

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