What people are saying about Governor Shapiro’s Office of Transformation and Opportunity, a one-stop shop for bringing business to Pennsylvania

“From his campaign to his inauguration, Governor Shapiro is committed to creating real opportunity and stimulating economic growth in Pennsylvania.”

“By launching the Office of Transformation and Opportunity, Governor Shapiro underscored his commitment to enhancing Pennsylvania’s competitiveness as a destination for businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaGovernor Josh Shapiro Through Executive Order 2023-05 signed yesterday, he has delivered on his campaign promises to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and foster innovation in Pennsylvania, formally establishing the Pennsylvania Office of Transformation and Opportunity and Economic Development Strategy Team within the Governor’s Office. This new executive order follows other transformative actions by the Governor in his first week in office that opened opportunities for more workers and ensured the highest levels of ethics and integrity in his administration.

This new office will make it easier to do business in Pennsylvania, providing a one-stop shop for companies looking to grow and thrive in the Pennsylvania economy.As part of this announcement, Governor Shapiro named Pennsylvania business leaders and entrepreneurs Ben Kirshner the role of Chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer.

The creation of this new office and the decision to bring in a proven business leader to co-manage it underscores that building an economy that works for all is a key priority for the Shapiro Administration. The Office of Transformation and Opportunity and the Economic Development Strategy Group will work to develop a unified economic growth and development strategy with a particular focus on disadvantaged and underserved communities.

Read what people are saying about Governor Shapiro’s Office of Transformation and Opportunity.

Quotes from business, academic and labor leaders:

“From the campaign trail to the early days of his administration, Governor Shapiro has worked to create real opportunity and spur economic growth in Pennsylvania,” Luke Bernstein, President and CEO, PA Chamber of Commerce. “As we continue on this journey, today’s steps are important as Governor Shapiro sends a clear message that Pennsylvania is open for business and we will be leaders in economic growth, job creation and innovation.”

“Our teams are constantly innovating and pushing us forward to figure out the best way to get work done. We believe that when you invest in people and families to keep jobs going, you’re making the best investment in the future of your company,” Grace McGregor, Director of Strategy and Operations, McGregor Industries. “Governor Shapiro shares that vision and has a plan he’s putting into action today to help businesses like mine continue to grow and thrive. When small businesses and manufacturers like ours succeed and do great When it’s good, Pennsylvania will do well.”

“It’s heartening to see the combination of economic growth and quality job creation. To me, that means union jobs,” Angela Ferritto, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. “Governor Shapiro has only been in office for just a week and has confirmed his priorities are the people’s priorities. We applaud the Governor and his team for coming out of the gate with energy and values.”

“At a pivotal time for this community, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to forge a unique leadership position for Pennsylvania because This at the forefront of innovation and job creation” Carnegie Mellon University President Farnham Jahanian. “By establishing the Office of Transformation and Opportunity, Governor Shapiro underscored his commitment to enhancing Pennsylvania’s competitiveness as a destination for businesses and entrepreneurs. Pennsylvania has all the core assets of a vibrant innovation ecosystem, through Shapiro- With the visionary leadership of the Davis Administration, we will be better able to leverage these resources to expand the geographic reach of innovation and bring a state of opportunity to urban and rural areas across the U.S. A dynamic higher education community supports the Governor’s bold vision to shape the future of Pennsylvania. “

“Governor Shapiro is a proven working-class leader in Pennsylvania, Tony Seiwell, Operations Manager, Eastern Pennsylvania Workers District Council. “Through his most recent executive order, Governor Shapiro is making Pennsylvania one of the best states in the nation at simplifying the implementation of the complex economic incentives and permitting processes that affect new economic developments in Pennsylvania. Make investing easier, create Easier access to jobs means more construction projects to support working Pennsylvania families.”

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WGAL: Gov. Josh Shapiro signs executive order creating office to lead recruitment and retention efforts

Gov. Josh Shapiro signed an executive order Tuesday that he said will make it easier for Pennsylvania businesses to continue doing business in the Commonwealth.

Shapiro said businesses already face a lot of challenges when they first open, and bureaucracy doesn’t help. His order is aimed at making the licensing process easier.

“Pennsylvania needs a government that works faster and can find a way to reach consensus,” Shapiro said.


Stars of the Pennsylvania Capital: The Office of Transformation and Opportunity aims to be a “one-stop shop” for the state of Pennsylvania.enterprise

Hope to promote economic growth in Pennsylvania, Governor. Josh Shapiro has opened a new office as a one-stop shop to help businesses cut red tape and streamline operations.

Shapiro signed an executive order Tuesday establishing the Office of Transformation and Opportunity to operate within the governor’s office and the Economic Development Strategy Group, which develops and leads growth strategies and implements economic development projects.

The strategy group, made up of Cabinet members and heads of state agencies, chaired by Shapiro, will advise the governor on economic development programs and ways to attract and retain employers. The recently sworn-in governor appointed Ben Kirshner as Chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer, overseeing the Office and Strategy Group.

“If you want to grow a business or invest in Pennsylvania, you will no longer have to go to five different institutions,” Shapiro said at the signing ceremony. “For all of your permits, approvals or funding, the Office of Transformation and Opportunity and Ben Kirshner, who leads it, will be at the heart of your efforts.”

Shapiro said the office aims to guide businesses large and small through the development process and accelerate it in a responsible manner. He teased future announcements on licensing and licensing reform.


PoliticsPA: Shapiro signs order creating Office of Transformation and Opportunity

The Commonwealth has a new cabinet post.

Governor Josh Shapiro signed an executive order Tuesday creating the Office of Transformation and Opportunity and naming Ben Kirshner as chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer.

According to a press release from the governor’s office, “The new office will provide a one-stop shop for businesses looking to grow and will work to aggressively revitalize Pennsylvania’s economy—fostering innovation, supporting transformational economic development, and serving our British community. Commonwealth businesses and workers alike, especially in communities that are often left behind.”

“I’ve heard from business and labor leaders in the Commonwealth — the government needs to work faster and find a way to get a consensus,” Shapiro said. A leader in job creation and innovation.”

Kirshner and his staff will help develop and lead overall growth strategies and implement economic development programs—coordinating with federal agencies, expediting permit reviews, and ensuring the speed of business review and approval of key incentive programs.


PennLive: Shapiro builds new economic development strike force in governor’s office

Keep ticking off the campaign promises he can control, Governor. Josh Shapiro signed an executive order Tuesday that he hopes will bring more success to Pennsylvania in implementing “big fish” economic programs.


“Penn can be a leader,” Shapiro said. “We just need a strategy and a government ready to lead.”


These are the job-creating fish Shapiro has vowed to land better, calling for the creation of a new Office of Transformation and Opportunity, led by digital marketing pioneer Ben Kirshner, the first down payment on his promise.

The new office is not intended to relax existing regulations or licensing requirements.

Instead, Shapiro’s office said it aimed to serve as a “one-stop shop” to streamline those reviews.

“We put up a flag in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania today that says: ‘We’re open for business and we’re ready to compete,'” Shapiro said.

Shapiro stood next to Who’s Who in business, industry and academia on Tuesday, who called the governor’s move an important signal to the business community, although Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Luke Bernstein and others said This can’t be the last.

Bernstein said state leaders need to stick with or even accelerate plans to cut the state’s net corporate income tax — currently planned to drop to 4.99 percent by 2031 from 9.99 percent in 2022; and further reforms to speed up state licensing and licensing decisions


The Daily Item: Shapiro: New executive office will cut red tape on economic development programs

Gov. Josh Shapiro on Tuesday authorized the creation of a new executive office to facilitate large economic development projects and act as a go-between between entrepreneurs and public sector agencies to make such developments more efficient.


At a news conference announcing the move, Shapiro said the Pennsylvania government must move faster and be more responsive in considering and implementing economic development.

Shapiro cited environmental permitting as one of the areas requiring accelerated action.

He cited Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel’s choice to build a $3 billion steel plant in Arkansas rather than Pennsylvania, which, according to Bloomberg, will employ fewer non-professional workers than a steel plant in western Pennsylvania. union workforce.

Asa Hutchinson, the state’s former governor, quipped that it took less time to build a steel plant in Arkansas than it took to get a steel plant licensed in Pennsylvania.

“I recognize that time is money and that the government needs to act quickly to respond,” Shapiro said. “I plan to be personally involved and do the work. You’re going to hear the governor’s ear.”


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