World Cup 2022: FIFA officials showcase new tech that will make decisions more accurate and faster than ever

TonIn the past, VAR was a breakthrough for FIFA officials, and according to Pierluigi Collina, there is a new development for Qatar 2022.

3D rendering and “semi-automatic offside technology”

A new technology called “semi-automatic offside technology” will enable difficult offside decisions to be made faster than ever before, while animated 3D renderings of the game will be played to spectators in stadiums and at home.

“(It) gives us the possibility to be faster and more accurate in terms of offside decisions,” Collina told a news conference.

“To be clear, being faster doesn’t mean we’ll be assessing offsides on the fly. There will certainly be fewer than there are, but we can’t have answers in a second, or basically live,” he elaborated.

The referee has the final say

“One of the things I want to emphasize is that the final decision is always with the match officials – on the VAR, the VAR, on the pitch, the referees.”

FIFA officials claim there will be 12 cameras in each stadium that will track 29 points on each player’s body, and that the ball itself will feature technology that will improve the accuracy of the game.

Johannes Holzmueller, FIFA’s Director of Technology and Innovation, mentioned that “it is the most accurate offside assist tool available. We analyzed the data and the results are very positive.

red card is hard

Match referees have been trained and instructed to sanction anything that compromises the health of players with the dreaded red card, including elbows to the face, dangerously high feet, and those tackling tackles with spikes. “The best players in the world are showcased here,” Collina said. “It would be a disgrace if some of these players were not able to play because their opponents were injured.

Safety first

“So our first message was to protect the safety of the players. Something that could endanger the safety of the opponent, the players and the coaches should expect … a red card.”

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