World Cup 2022: NASA tech could save Neymar’s World Cup

Neymar is replaced by Serbia After what appeared to be a sprained right ankle, which was later confirmed to be a sprain, made him definitively sidelined Switzerland And there are serious doubts about the final group match against Cameroon.

His ability to play in the third game will depend on his progress and how his country fares in qualifying.but that brazilian star NASA technology has been turned to to provide him with intensive physical therapy.

On social media, Neymar said he was undergoing treatment with compression boots. The device uses NASA technology and is used to speed up healing. The boot combines three different massage techniques and activates blood circulation.

NASA tech could save Neymar's World Cup

It also stimulates venous return, reduces swelling, relieves pain, reduces muscle fatigue, eliminates buildup of lactic acid, spasms and improves soft tissue and bone healing.

So Neymar could go to the World Cup again in the knockout rounds – or if Brazil were choked against Switzerland – in games after that.

Neymar shared his feelings about the setback on his Instagram: “I can’t explain the pride and love I put on this jersey. If God gave me the chance to choose a country to be born in, I would choose Brazil,” he said. Say.

“In my life, nothing is easy and I always have to pursue my dreams and goals. Never wanting anyone to get hurt, but helping those in need.

“Today has turned out to be one of the toughest moments of my career… I got injured again at the World Cup and yes it’s tiring and it’s going to hurt but I’m sure I’ll have the chance to come back because I’m going to do my best to help me country, my teammates and myself.

“Waiting for the enemy to knock me down like this? Never. I’m a child of God and my faith knows no bounds.”

state-of-the-art technology

As stated on their own website, NormaTec’s new generation 2.0 range is designed to provide comprehensive recovery for athletes of all levels.

The Series 2.0 system is 27% smaller while maintaining the performance that has made NormaTec the recovery system trusted by 97% of professional teams.

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