World Series 2022: Phillies make historic comeback in Game 1

Game 1 of the 2022 World Series was filled with excitement from start to finish, with the Philadelphia Phillies trailing 5-0 in overtime to beat the Houston Astros 6-5.

The Phillies’ victory marked the biggest comeback for a National League team in the World Series since 1956.

Here are the top games from the first game:

Phillies 6, Astros 5

New Mr. October?

Phillies superstar Bryce Harper is making his World Series debut in his storied career. The FOX MLB broadcast crew takes a look at what Harper will bring when he plays on baseball’s biggest stage.

Verlander Early Deals

Justin Verlander started Game 1 of the World Series with a strikeout as he caught the eye of Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber.

Verlander wins first round in battle between MVPs

The Astros’ ace allowed Harper to blow three fastballs in the K’s second inning.

Houston preempts

Game 1 of the 2022 World Series is played by the Astros. Kyle Tucker’s solo shot from Aaron Nola’s yard made it 1-0.

Kyle Tucker puts Astros on board with first World Series homer

Kyle Tucker puts Astros on board with first World Series homer

Kyle Tucker hit a home run in the Houston Astros’ first game of the night.

Batting, Running and Scoring

Martin Maldonado and the Astros executed the hit and run flawlessly. When Chas McCormick finished second, Maldonado hit the ball the second baseman should have hit. Base scoring Yuli Gurriel gave Houston a 2-0 lead.

A Peña out

Jeremy Peña made it 1-2, then reversed Nora’s sinker into the lead in the third quarter.

two for tucker

Kyle Tucker made a strong early case with a three-run homer to win World Series MVP in the third quarter. It was Tucker’s second homer of the night, giving the Astros a 5-0 lead.

Dig a run

The Phillies scored Game 1 of the series when Nick Castellanos somehow made contact with Verlander’s slider.

take them home

Alec Bohm ran two more runs and cut into the Astros’ lead to make it 5-3 in the fourth.


After the Phillies trailed 5-0, a double from JT Realmuto hit two runners on the base to tie the game in the fifth.

Bohm did it all

After his two-run double helped the Astros take the lead early in the game, Bohm made sure the game was tied with his strong performance at third base to end the sixth inning.

Taco time!

Kyle Schwaber stole second base in the seventh inning, which means Taco Bell will be giving away free tacos to those who have their app.

In Taco Bell’s first 10 World Series appearances, the team leading to first base went 8-2.

cunning theft

Jose Altuve’s single got him two outs in the ninth. Then, he nearly stole second base and got into scoring position.

not on nick’s watch

Peña looked like he won the game for the Astros. But Castellanos slipped, preventing Artuf from scoring.

The 10th started with a bang!

Realmuto walked to the plate in the top half of the 10th inning and hit a solo homer deep on the right to give the Phillies a 6-5 lead.


David Robertson went 3-0 against Aled Miz Diaz after two Astros players went on base and into scoring position. However, Robertson bounced back and allowed Diaz to end the game, giving the Phillies a 1-0 lead.

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