Zorya Capital Announces Encryption Recovery Technology, The Ultimate Solution

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2023 / This year, Zhuoya Capital A major achievement is being celebrated: 2,000+ completed Bitcoin recovery cases. With an impressive 82% success rate, they dominate their field.

with use Zhuoya Capital Anti-fraud and litigation support tools that quickly assemble winning teams, get victims compensated, and help resolve the most complex fraud schemes.

Various online frauds have cost many investors nothing. For some, the chance to get rich quick using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is an attractive prospect. These are often unfulfilled hopes and wishes. It’s easy to fall prey to cybercriminals these days.

Loss of cryptocurrency or other financial resources due to online fraud can be recovered, but it is not an easy task. Since this is a niche field, experts with years of experience are a must for success. Recovering stolen property yourself can make the situation worse.

Zhuoya Capital Provides assistance to those who have suffered from Internet transaction fraud. The organization provides top-tier investigation and asset recovery services that can reduce the time and effort spent on procedures.

At a recent press conference, a representative of the company gave a typical example. Lisa heard about the success of cryptocurrencies and decided to join the fun, looking for a cryptocurrency exchange where she could buy Bitcoin. Unfortunately, an online ad directs her to an “investment firm” asking her to leave her contact information before receiving a call from an account manager/broker who promises Lisa a good return on her investment . She thought the company would have no problem buying and holding her bitcoins, since she was not familiar with the concept.

He elaborated, “She didn’t realize that no one but her should keep the bitcoins, and that sharing the keys to her wallet was like giving out your credit card PIN. Four months later she was trying to get some money back when the bitcoins has dramatically increased in value, but the “investment business” has disappeared. The point here is that you should never give anyone access to your private keys to your cryptocurrency wallet. If someone approaches you and specifically asks for this information, you should be suspicious .

The modern world of investment fraud is difficult to navigate. Since ordinary investors don’t know how to protect themselves from scams, it’s no surprise that criminals are getting more sophisticated and creative in their attempts to defraud unsuspecting investors.

Not only does the agency have a keen eye for the smallest details and the biggest loopholes, but its numerous connections at the top of government can help expedite the process of tracking and collecting lost funds. To recover money from scammers, you need to think like a scammer and Zorya Capital, with its extensive knowledge and skills in this field, promises to stay one step ahead of scammers. Due to their excellent success rate and reputation, they are the organization of choice in this situation.

Zorya Capital is a trusted leader in the market having successfully recovered over $150 million from fraudulent brokers and questionable platforms in over 2,000 separate cases. Its attorneys also warn against trusting asset recovery firms entirely.


Goals behind the development Zhuoya Capital It’s simple: provide traders and consumers with a safer and more trusted online environment. The organization achieves its mission by providing top-notch asset recovery and investigative services with a focus on fraud prevention.

They are doing this by spearheading an international effort to educate people about online transaction scams and working to raise awareness of this form of online fraud.

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